Facilities Master Planning Team


"Introducing Our Architectural Team"

The Facilities Master Planning Team is very pleased to announce its selection of the architectural firm of Beyer Blinder Belle to guide us through the development of our property (Click on the name to view a brief introduction to the design team as well as an overview of the planning schedule for the months ahead).
After many long months of deliberation over the portfolios of some of the finest architectural firms in the United States, we feel that in Beyer Blinder Belle, we have found a perfect match for our Church. Not only did they impress us with their vision and skill in other projects similar to our own, but we were very pleased in their immediate and visceral attraction to our church's history and love for its original architect. This means that as we go forward, the expressed needs of our church—functional needs that have changed substantially over the past 50 years—will be more perfectly met in harmonious solutions that best honor the vision of the original architect. Feel free to look over their substantial website: http://www.beyerblinderbelle.com/
The beautiful watercolor of our church above was painted by Hany Hassan.

Focus Group Presentations

Over the past two years, our Facilities Master Planning Team and Session have listened to your ideas. A draft facilities plan was presented to the congregation, and your comments and insights were essential as we shape the final plan! 

Keep checking back for updates on our progress! Feel free to contact us by email or regular mail.