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Jul 13 2014

General Assembly Wrap Up: What Happened in Detroit and What Does It Mean?

Quinn Fox, David Renwick, and John Huffman give a first-hand report and insights concerning the ramifications of decisions made in Detroit for the future of National Presbyterian Church and the PC(USA). 

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Jul 6 2014

Quiet Time: Finding Solitude in a Crowded World

Jesus arose “early in the morning to seek God” in the solitude of personal prayer. Is such a spiritual practice possible in 21st-century Washington?
Deacon Steven Greisdorf will help us understand this vital approach to our relationship with God, and how we can go about incorporating contemplation into our over-crowded lives.

Jun 29 2014

The Life, Times and Legacy of John Knox

In this 500th anniversary year of the great Scottish reformer’s birth, Georgetown University professor of history Bruce Douglass shares the significance of Knox for Christian faith and the church today.

Jun 22 2014

Immigration: How Should Christians Respond?

A host of questions surrounds the issue of immigration. Who is affected? How do immigration issues affect the economy? Is there a “Christian” way to respond? Author and longtime NPC member Dale Hanson Bourke shares insights from her newly published book on immigration. 

Jun 15 2014

"2014 Presbyterian General Assembly Briefing: A Preview"

Several issues face our denomination as commissioners gather for our biannual General Assembly on June 14, 2014.  Dr. Renwick provides an overview of the most consequential issues.

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