Adult Sunday School

Fall Sunday School

Sundays, September 10–December 10, 9:30–10:30 a.m. 

Answering God: Old Testament Themes for Christian Discipleship
Church Room 105  |  Teacher: Nancy Fox 
This interactive study of a wide variety of Old Testament stories, characters and texts will lead us into discussion of how we can grow in our own relationship with God. Topics will include Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush, the recurring theme of wilderness and the desert, Elijah and the still small voice of God, David as a man after God’s own heart, Psalms of Lament, and many others. Each week will include a related practice to deepen our own spiritual formation.  
The History of the Church in the Reformation Era
Agencies Room 105  |  Teacher: R.V. Seep
For a millennium, the Christian Church weathered myriad pressures: Popes, councils, monastic orders, scholars, heretics (actual as well as alleged), and many others, sought with minimal success to reform its practices and correct its doctrine. Then, in a series of rapidly unfolding events ignited by the excommunication of a German monk and university professor, a religious revolt swept across Europe that changed the face of Christianity in the West. The towering edifice of medieval Christianity collapsed; a new and convulsive era began. We live in the wake of that era. Four streams of reform arising in that age set the stage for the modern Church: the so-called magisterial Reformation, the radical Reformation, the “middle way” of the English, and the response of Roman Catholicism. Join us for an overview of this most impactful time.


Looking at Luke: An “Orderly Account” of Jesus’ Life and Ministry
Church Room 110/111  |  Teacher: Currie Renwick 
In the third gospel, Luke aims to provide his readers with an orderly account of Jesus, the man who lived and ministered at the crossroads of the first century Jewish and Roman worlds.  More than just stories, though, Luke wants us to know the truth about what Jesus said, what he did, and what happened to him and why knowing this information is more important than anything else in the world.  All are welcome to join as we delve into Luke’s account, and, aided by N.T. Wright’s study guide, discover the message that Luke wanted to pass on as clearly and accurately as possible.
Men’s Class: Zechariah—The "Major" Minor Prophet
Church Room 5  |  Facilitator: Gene Thompson
Reading Zechariah is like a rollercoaster ride, with its startling images in eight visions, four messages and two oracles. The lengthiest of the so-called Minor Prophets and one of the most difficult books in the Old Testament, Zechariah is as apocalyptical as The Book of Revelation. Men of all ages are welcome to join us for Bible study and discussion as we are equipped to be able to live out our faith in Christ, in both personal and public life.
The Power of Communal Prayer
Culbertson Library  |  Facilitators: Joe & Ludy Green
This relationally-oriented class will focus on the practical, real-life impact that communal prayer and accountability between believers can have to heal relationships, receive direction for God’s purpose in life, and help us overcome the daily challenges in our lives. Participants will share concerns and pray for each other as they study and discuss relevant Biblical passages each week, as we seek to experience God’s faithfulness in hearing us when we pray together. The class will also feature select scenes and lesson series from “The War Room,” a 2015 Christian film and box office success.
Parent Gathering
1010:30 a.m.  |  Elson Parlor  |  Facilitators: Quinn Fox and Donna Marsh
Connect with fellow parents and enjoy a great cup of coffee accompanied by meaningful conversation about a topic that’s relevant to our life and faith...all during the second half of the children’s and youth Sunday School hour!