Our Elders & Deacons

Our elders and deacons affirm the Vows of Membership and the Constitutional Questions of the Presbyterian Church (USA).


Class of 2017
Beth Bartholomew
John Bernbaum
Fred Byus
Rich Davies

Susan Lockwood
Nancy Piho
David Schottke

Class of 2018
Aaron Doty
Margaret Gardner
Adele Jackson
Ellen Lawler

Bryce Pippert
Mills Williams

Class of 2019
Thea Bournazian
Jonathan Dickey

Dan Huthwaite
Kim Jensen
Mary Beth Nethercutt
Nancy Peterson
David Schauer

Dennis T. Burgart, Moderator

Class of 2017
Laura Atchison 
Kathy Byus
Betsy Burke
Eileen Doty 
Marianne Gray 
Gerri Hall
Ann May
Mary Ellen McKenna
Bill Morton 
David Nickels
Dottie Rayburn
Mary Romano
Lucille Smiley 

Class of 2018
Alfreda Bennett
Annette Burgart
Dennis Burgart
Joanna Chai
Nancy Chapman Colb
Lewrene Glaser
Ed Kindred
Melinda Moore
Ellen Warren 

Class of 2019
Brenda Balta
Christopher Chai
Jan Childress
Roger Coy
Gregg Gochnour
Lynne Gochnour
George Kabwe
Serge Nya-Wandja
Janet Risseeuw
Dolores Slaugh
Bryan Smith
Mike Unger
Paul Waymack
Gus Wessels 

If you would like to receive care from the Deacons OR help the Deacons to provide care, please contact the coordinator listed below for your region:
DC:      Kathy Byus, kathyb658@aol.com
MD:     Joanna Chai, jmanor@gmail.com
VA:      Ann May, aeraynal@yahoo.com