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Mar 30 2014

Caring Enough...To Comfort

Rev. Donna Marsh

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Mar 26 2014

Fruit of the Spirit: "Kindness and Generosity"

Lent Vespers
Rev. Evangeline Taylor

Audio icon Lenten Vesper Meditation - 3-26-14 Rev. Evangeline Taylor.mp3

Mar 23 2014

Caring Enough...To Pray

Dr. Quinn Fox

Audio icon Caring Pray - Dr. Quinn Fox

Mar 19 2014

Fruit of the Spirit: "Peace and Patience"

Lent Vespers
Rev. Donna Marsh

Audio icon 3-19-14 Vesper Meditation - Rev Donna Marsh.mp3

Mar 16 2014

Caring Enough...To Listen

Dr. David Renwick

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