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Mar 1 2015

Who Is My Neighbor?

Lenten Sermon Series: Questioning Jesus
Luke 10:25-37
Guest Preacher, Dr. M. Craig Barnes

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Feb 25 2015

What Will the Owner Do?

7 p.m., Sanctuary
Lenten Vespers Sermon Series: Jesus' Questions
Mark 12:1-12
Dr. Quinn Fox 

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Feb 22 2015

Getting Back to the Garden

ALL worship services were cancelled Sunday, February 22.  

Dr. Rewick peresented a live-streamed talk at 11 a.m.: "Getting Back into the Garden" 


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Feb 18 2015

Ash Wednesday

7 p.m., Sanctuary
"Testing Jesus"
Matthew 4:1-11
Dr. David Renwick
Also streamed live at

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Feb 15 2015

God Matters

Exodus 31:1-11; 36:2-7
"A Vision for God’s Future" Sermon Series
Dr. David Renwick
Read the Strategic Plan
Ways to Live out the Vision of NPC

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