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June 11, 2017

"Good Sports: Reflections of a (Presbyterian) Pioneer in Sports Journalism"
Christine Brennan
Christine Brennan is a national sports columnist for USA Today, a commentator for CNN, PBS NewsHour and NPR’s Morning Edition and best-selling author of Inside Edge and Best Seat in the House.   


January 29, 2017

"Challenges and Opportunities Facing Christian Higher Education"
Dr. Beck Taylor
  Dr. Beck Taylor, President of Whitworth University, a Presbyterian-related college, guides us in an examination of the issues facing Christian colleges today. There are many issues unique to Christ-centered education, namely, how to find the right balance between rigorous intellectual inquiry and the integration of convictions grounded in Christian faith. 


September 21, 2016

"Faith and Politics"
E.J. Dionne, Michael Gerson
An evening conversation with E.J. Dionne and Michael Gerson: two Washington Post columnists who write from different “sides of the aisle,” with similar Christian conviction. They share thoughts and insights about the upcoming elections. In particular, what concerns should Christians have before them?


August 21, 2016

"What Made America Great in the First Place?"
Os Guinness
Author and writer Os Guinness shares fresh insights into the current challenges facing Christians in the West, re-examining the foundational role (usually-neglected by historians) of The Exodus, Sinai and the Covenant God made with his people.