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“One Blood” Book Discussion Groups

October 3 - November 14

Over the summer, the Session is challenged you to join “The NPC Big Summer Reading Challenge”  by reading “One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race and Love” by John M. Perkins. This Fall we are delighted to offer six-week long small group discussions to more deeply engage the book, the Scripture it references, and the questions it raises. These facilitated conversations will begin the week of October 3 and end by November 14.

On behalf of the NPC Session and the Race Task Force, we invite you take part in these important discussions to further the transformative work of our church. Through them we seek to better know the God whom we proclaim, engaging one another in wisdom, truth, and maturity (Colossians 1:28) to further the unity of the body of believers.

If you are interested in participating, please click here or use the button below to fill out the form and submit it at your earliest convenience, but no later than Monday, September 27. If you would like a free book, click the button and let us know.


About reading One Blood together:

Numerous books have been written on race in recent years, and especially in this past couple of years. In the Fall of 2020, your Session read and discussed one of these books over three online Session meetings, and found the discussion to be honest, refreshing and challenging – providing a solid base from which to ask how we as Christians and as a congregation can respond as God’s agents of reconciliation to the racism and racial tensions in our society. The book was One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race and Love by John M. Perkins. The Session decided that this was a book we could recommend wholeheartedly to the whole congregation to help us grow in faith and grace together.

Why One Blood? …The Content!
Each chapter provides a Biblical challenge to grow in faith and action. The words that drive the book are words important to all of us:

  • God’s vision for human life.
  • Our lament, confession, forgiveness, commitment, dedication, prayer, love.
  • The one blood of humanity, given to us by God our Creator, and the shed blood of Jesus that brings us together as members of his family

Why John Perkins? …His long, hard, and remarkably productive and joyful life for Christ. Dr. Perkins is 91 years old. From Mississippi. He’s seen it all. You can read about his story, or click here to watch online.In his introduction he writes:

In some ways this short book is about everything I want the church to know before I leave this place. Some of what I need to say may be hard to hear. I understand that. Allow me the privilege as an elder statesman. And I hope you’ll understand that everything I say is because of a deep love for the church, the bride of Christ, and for every human being who is marked by his image.

Watch as Dr. Renwick interviews Dr. John Perkins, activist and author of One Blood:

October 3 - November 14