Our Mission

Leading People to Become Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ Together in God’s World

We believe God is calling us to lead people to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ together in God’s world. This new mission statement boldly declares that NPC is committed to discipleship, to community, to service, and, most importantly, to a deep and abiding faith in Christ.



To follow Jesus Christ while leading others into faithful discipleship requires that:

  • We understand who the God of the Bible is
  • We lift our hearts and voices to God together in worship
  • We seek justice, joyfully engaging in Christ’s work and responding to the needs of those in our church, our neighborhood, the city, and the World
  • We share the good news of God’s reconciling love in word and deed
  • We are servants living out a relational church culture that is hospitable and welcoming to every person who walks through our doors
  • We are a grace-filled church that draws in diverse newcomers who want to know what defines and excites us
  • We love and care for one another as members of a family, growing closer to God and one another
  • We are highly committed stewards of all God’s gifts, each giving generously of the time, talents and resources with which we have been blessed
  • We develop servant leaders equipped to influence others where they worship, work, and live