A Note from Elder Jim Bridgeman

August 29, 2021

Dear Friends at National:

Our presbytery has granted us permission to begin the process of selecting a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) to seek a new senior pastor, due to Dr. Renwick’s planned retirement in twelve months. You may read his retirement letter here.  We pray to be led by the Holy Spirit in the next steps for our congregation, and we are looking for people who will actively discern God’s will together through the work of the PNC.

The Congregational Nominating Committee (CNC) is beginning to consider prospective nominees to serve on the PNC and is soliciting your recommendations.  Self-nominations are also welcome. The experience within our presbytery is that seven to nine members is the optimal size for a PNC.

In addition to a clear and vibrant faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, members of the PNC should meet the following general criteria:

  1. Commitment to seek the welfare of National Presbyterian Church. Nominees do not have to have held church office but should have demonstrated a commitment to serve God in and through NPC.
  2. Time Commitment: Members should not only be active in the life of the congregation but be able to commit the time necessary to serve on the PNC. The PNC process can take between 12-24 months and may involve weekly meetings with extra time outside of meetings to review information forms as well as to travel to meet and hear some pastors.
  3. Diversity: PNC members should represent the diversity of the congregation (in accordance with the Book of Order G-2.0802 and the presbytery’s EEO/AA policy). Specifically, the PNC should include long-time members and newer members, male and female members, younger and older members; should be racially and ethnically diverse; and should reflect a diversity of interests in worship, theology, education, children and youth, mission, pastoral care, and administration. At least one member should be serving currently on Session.
  4. Team Work: PNC members should have a demonstrated ability to work well with others, to maintain strict confidentiality, to listen carefully, to express their own views well, build consensus and abide by the will of the majority.
  5. Contact and Communication: PNC members must be easy to reach (for example by phone, cell phone, or email). Computer skills (to search church websites and read online information forms) will be essential for some members and helpful for all.

Recommendations can be submitted to this form, which asks

Pastor Nominating Committee nominations are now closed.

  1. Your name
  2. Name of the person you are recommending
  3. How long and in what capacity have you known this person
  4. Why you believe this person should be considered for the PNC

You may also mail or email recommendations to the Church Nominating Committee via the church office, care of Betty Conn, bconn@nationalpres.org.  We hope to receive all recommendations by the last week in September and to provide a slate of nominees for congregational vote by October 31, 2021.

Please pray for NPC during this time and for the selection of the PNC.

In Christ,
Jim Bridgeman
Elder Chair, NPC Congregational Nominating Committee

CNC Members: Laura Atchison, Jim Bridgeman, Grant Franke, Lewrene Glaser, Scott Herndon, Robert Levy, Janice Sessing