An Update on Mask Policy from our Session

On March 28, 2022 NPC's Session updated the mask policy to be as follows:

After session review, masks are now optional at all NPC worship services with the exception of the balcony and transept pews. Our goal is to create safe, comfortable worship spaces for all. Masks are also optional at all programs.

Masks will continue to be mandatory for all child care staff.

Air Quality Safety

Did you know that NPC's facility and staff is working to keep you safe?

  • During services 25% fresh air is circulated at all times.
  • Between services the sanctuary is flushed with 100% outside air for 30 minutes.
  • After services the flush is with 100% outside air for 2 hours.
  • Between services custodial crews spray and wipe down touchable surfaces (like backs of pews).