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July 12, 2015
"Disagreements and Church Unity: The Morally Divided Body"
Dr. Michael Root
How ought churches, denominations and traditions respond when they find themselves in disagreement over important moral issues of the day? Dr. Michael Root, an important shaper of modern ecumenical conversation, and Professor of Systematic Theology at the Catholic University in America, gives us some historical and ecumenical context for this very important question.  
July 5, 2015
"What Does the Lord Require? An Exploration of Biblical Justice"
Dr. John Bernbaum
John Bernbaum, an Elder on Session, longtime missionary to Russia, and veteran teacher shares his passion and conviction concerning the overwhelming call for justice found in Scripture and the implications this has for NPC in our engagement locally and around the world.  
June 28, 2015
"Glimmers of Hope from the Holy Land"
Dale Hanson Bourke
Author and longtime NPC member Dale Hanson Bourke shares insights from her recent travels in the Holy Land and Jordan. Copies of her book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are available for sale and signing.  
June 7, 2015
"Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times"
Os Guinness
Dr. Os Guinness affirms that the best days of Christian faith are not behind us… if we will answer the call to a new Christian Renaissance. Dr. Guinness is the author of over 30 books; copies of many of his books are for sale in the NPC bookstore.