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August 10, 2014
"But One Thing: Living Purposefully Through Transition"
R.V. Seep
R.V. Seep, a very popular Adult Sunday School teacher, will help us see life's transitions in a biblical light. Whether we face a career transition, a milestone in life, or simply our rapidly changing world, Christian people and institutions confront numerous challenging transitions. We are called to live up to God’s purposes for our lives, even as we lean forward into His grace. 
July 20, 2014
"Dr. John Bernbaum: Trends In Global Christianity"
Dr. John Bernbaum
In the past several decades, the center of gravity for world-Christianity has shifted southward and eastward. What are the consequences and implications of this change for North American congregations?  Elder John Bernbaum is the President and CEO of the Russian-American Institute.
July 13, 2014
"General Assembly Wrap Up: What Happened in Detroit and What Does It Mean?"
Dr. Quinn Fox, Dr. David Renwick, John Huffman
Quinn Fox, David Renwick, and John Huffman give a first-hand report and insights concerning the ramifications of decisions made in Detroit for the future of National Presbyterian Church and the PC(USA).  Resources: General Assembly PowerPoint Presentation General Assembly Handout  
June 22, 2014
"Immigration: How Should Christians Respond?"
Dale Hanson Bourke
A host of questions surrounds the issue of immigration. Who is affected? How do immigration issues affect the economy? Is there a “Christian” way to respond? Author and longtime NPC member Dale Hanson Bourke shares insights from her newly published book on immigration.