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June 23, 2019
"Why Race and Religion are at the Heart of America’s Identity Crisis"
Dr. Robert Jones
Dr. Robert Jones leads a conversation about why racial-religious shifts in the U.S. have led to an identity crisis among those who were previously in the majority, and how these anxieties are fueling increasing partisan polarization and culture wars.
June 16, 2019
"“An Explosive Mix: Politics and Religion in Jesus’ World (and ours?!)”"
Dr. David Renwick
A new super-power flexing its muscle, reactions to globalization and pluralism, growth of extremism and withdrawal from the dominant culture—all this and the first-century world of Jesus! National Presbyterian Church senior pastor Dr. David Renwick explore how lessons from religion and politics in Jesus’ time can be applied to our lives today.
June 9, 2019
"Annual Congregational Meeting "
March 16, 2019
"We Become What We Love: How Our Everyday Routine Shapes Our Life With God"
James K. A. Smith