Update for Spring 2020

We are so grateful for the support and prayers of the congregation as we build together for the next 50 years! Our architects are currently preparing construction documents, and we will soon commence the lengthy (3-4 months) DC construction permit application process. Major construction is anticipated to begin in early summer. A lot is happening in the meantime!


Our Capital Campaign Fundraising

We have now reached an incredible $14,475,000 in commitments. Thank you! 

Our Mission Partners

So far we have distributed $550,000 of our total commitment of $1 million to our Capital Campaign mission partners. Their work is supporting young people and families in DC (through Young Life and Little Lights) and with refugees in Jordan and East Africa. 

Youth House Phase 1 After Photo

Youth House Phase 1 Before Photo

Youth House

New furniture is going into the Youth House this month, making significant progress on a long list of improvements, including a remodeled second floor with three new rooms for small groups, repositioned stairway, new bathrooms, new kitchenette, a new ADA entrance ramp and railings, new carpeting, and a new roof on the garage.

Coat Rack Removal and Terrazzo Repair

From mid-January to mid-February, coat racks along the Chapel hallway and in the narthex between the elevator and Elson Parlor will be removed and the terrazzo repaired to make our hallways more bright, open, and accessible. 

Earthquake Repairs and Cleaning

The stone restoration and cleaning project, following damage caused by the earthquake in 2011, is coming to a close and should be complete by February. Our contractor, Worcester Eisenbrandt Inc, has cleaned 48,000 square feet of limestone, sealed 24,000 linear feet of joints between stone panels, and installed over 20 cubic feet of stone replacement.

Historic Review

The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) approved our application for historic designation in fall 2019. Our proactive approach intends to preserve multiple options for construction and campus use in the future.


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Update for Spring 2020
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We have exciting plans to build together for the next 50 years!