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In Anacostia, kids often have to grow up quickly. Young Life works worldwide to introduce adolescents to Christ and help them grow in their faith, has seen that a lot of the issues that suburban kids deal with in high school come up in middle school in the inner city. 


National is helping start full-time Young Life discipleship clubs at Kramer Middle School in downtown Anacostia. Isaiah, a full-time Young Life staff member, has started work at Kramer, and has been invited to coach basketball, tutor, and help with monthly food drives. 


His presence is an inspiration to many of the young men at the school, and the invitation to study the Bible and engage with God is something students take seriously. Please pray for Isaiah in his developing ministry, for the boys and girls of Kramer, and for the families and teachers that are a part of that community. There are opportunities to Support Isaiah behind the scenes as well as to join afternoon Bible studies with students.

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Young Life South DC
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