Adult Sunday School

Spring Sunday School

Sundays February 4–May 20, 9:30–10:30 a.m.


The Church in an Age of Enlightenment and Revival

R.V. Seep  |  Agencies Building Room 105

Following the Reformation, the place of the Church in society fundamentally shifted. Religious conflict caused many to question the effects of Christian faith mingled with politics. The scientific revolution provided a basis for truth claims that appeared more trustworthy and far less volatile than the dogmas of theology. Philosophically, the Age of the Enlightenment emphasized the superiority of human reason to biblical revelation in the search for truth. Respect for science and human reason replaced Christian faith as the cornerstone of emerging Western culture.
Christians met this challenge in a variety of ways. In the emerging nation of the United States of America the “people of reason” and the “people of revival” attempted to forge a new relationship between Church and State, leaving the ancient assumptions of Christendom in their wake.
Come join us for a survey of this most formative era for the issues and attitudes of our modern society.  

Men’s Bible Class

Gene Thompson  |  Church Room 5

Unduly Prolonged Infancy: A Study of Ephesians. Don’t be a spiritual pauper. Do you know how much God has placed in your spiritual bank account? Christians live in two dimensions. First, there is the spiritual dimension. As we walk in the Spirit, we know God in the Spirit. Yet we live on Earth. Therefore, we need to transfer what we have in the spiritual realm to the earthly realm. Men of all ages are welcome to join us as we are equipped to live out our faith in Christ, in both personal and public life.

Answering God: Old Testament Themes for Christian Discipleship

Nancy Fox  |  Church Room 105

This interactive study of a variety of Old Testament stories, characters and texts will lead us into discussion of how we respond to God’s work in and call on our own lives. Topics will vary from the Exodus and liberation, to idolatry, to Elijah and the still small voice of God, to David as a man after God’s own heart, and others. Each week will include a related spiritual practice to deepen our own faith formation.  

Wrestlers: Engaging Contemporary Issues

Paul Arveson  |  Agencies Building  Lower Level

The people of God have always had to face the challenges of living faithfully in the culture in which they have been called. Like Jacob at the River Jabbok, the Wrestlers Class seeks to engage issues of pressing concern, and “apply God’s Word to God’s world” as we discern what the Christian’s response to those questions might be...that we might better know the Author of the answers. This spring, speakers from a wide range of professions and ministries will share their life experiences. In the coming months we’ll reflect on Genetics, Bioethics and evolution; the origins and future of radical Islam and how to understand its place in our contemporary context; ministry to refugees who are resettling in the U.S.; where moderates fit in the polarized climate of public discourse; conflict resolution as well as other topics and speakers. 

The Book of Acts

Currie Renwick  |  Church Room 110/111

Join us as we study Jesus’s resurrection, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the birth of the church, the adventures of some of Jesus’ closest friends, and the amazing journeys of Paul, whose witness and church planting took him from Jerusalem to the heart of the Roman Empire. For these early Christians, following Jesus was never dull! Come and catch a glimpse of their lives and experiences as we learn from the same Holy Spirit who is working in our lives today.



Financial Peace University

Runs February 25 – May 6; 9–10:30 a.m.

Jessica & Daniel Mullery  |  Culbertson Library

This nationally recognized life-changing program teaches you to achieve your financial goals by eliminating debt, saving for the future, and giving like never before. Nine weeks of 90-minute lectures by founder Dave Ramsey via DVD will challenge and motivate you to get a hold on your finances, make a plan for your money and reorient your life! 
Cost: $129, includes textbook, workbook, video recordings and other course materials.

Parent Gathering 

10–10:30 a.m.

Quinn Fox & Donna Marsh  |  Elson Parlor

Connect with fellow parents and enjoy a great cup of coffee accompanied by meaningful conversation about topics that are relevant to our life and faith...all during the second half of the children’s and youth Sunday School hour!