Adult Sunday School

January Term Sunday School

Sundays, January 7-21, 9:30–10:30 a.m. 


Humans: Accident or Inevitable? 

David Siegrist | Agencies Lower Level

The evolution of complex life is supported by both powerful underlying tendencies as well as incredible accidents. This course will examine whether the traditional narrative of evolution needs a “rethink.” Each week we will explore aspects of the serendipitous interplay between chance and necessity in the development of the human species. 
David Siegrist is a member of NPC and a regular teacher in the Wrestlers Sunday School class. 

The Power of Communal Prayer

Joe and Ludy Green | Church Room 110/111

This relationally-oriented class will focus on the practical impact communal prayer and accountability between believers can have to heal relationships, receive direction for God’s purpose in life, and overcome the daily challenges in our lives. Participants will share concerns and pray for each other as we study and discuss relevant Biblical passages, seeking to experience God’s faithfulness in hearing us when we pray together. The class will feature scenes and lessons from “The War Room,” a 2015 Christian film. 
Joe and Ludy Green are members of NPC and active in our small group ministry. 

Ecclesiastes: Finding Meaning in our World and our Work  

Quinn Fox and R.V. Seep | Stone Hall

Ecclesiastes is a unique, enigmatic, challenging biblical book offering important insights for those who are trying to make realistic sense out of the circumstances of our world. We’ll consider wisdom and folly, wealth and greed, work and worship, God’s ordering of things, and the importance of human relationships. 
R.V. Seep is a veteran NPC Sunday School teacher and an NPC member. Quinn Fox is Associate Pastor for Discipleship at NPC.  

Knowing the Savior by Name: Titles for Jesus from the Gospels

Howard Tucker Frost  | Church Room 105

The New Testament Gospels contain a variety of titles for Jesus: Messiah, Lord, Servant of God, Son of Man, Son of David, Son of God, Prophet, Savior, Immanuel, and, of course, Jesus. His message and purpose become more clear and more meaningful when we understand the context in which he shared the Good News. This class will explore the Biblical background of the titles Jesus applied to himself as well as those others used in speaking of him. We will discuss how knowing each particular title contributes to our greater knowledge of Jesus.
Howard Tucker Frost is a longtime NPC member and an avid student of the Bible. 

The Reformation, Protestants, and Islam

Matthew Taylor | Agencies 105

  • Week 1 – The Protestant Reformation and Islam: How did Islam shape the development of the Protestant movement of 16th century Europe?  
  • Week 2 – Does Islam Need a Reformation?
  • How did the outcome of the Reformation compare to reform movements in the present state of Islam in the world? 
  • Week 3 – Building Bridges Between Reformed Christians and Islam: How might we build bridges and pursue peace between Christians and our Muslim neighbors?
Matthew Taylor has a Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Pluralism from Georgetown University. He is a ruling elder at Georgetown Presbyterian Church, and a member of the Company of Teachers of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington.

“Milestones in Life and Worship:” A 4-week Series on Parenting

All Sundays in January, 10–10:30 a.m., Elson Parlor

Join other parents for coffee, conversation, and a brief study.
  • Jan. 7: “Talking to our Children about God’s Gift of Sexuality,” Kristin Franke
  • Jan. 14: “The Bible,” Magruder Dent               
  • Jan. 21: “Communion,” Alison Dickey                     
  • Jan. 28: “The Reformation,” Betty Elliott     

January Term Sunday School Closing Plenary

Sunday, January 28, 9:30–10:30 a.m., Stone Hall

Vintage Saints and Sinners
When we take a closer look at the lives of saints, we learn that they also experienced struggle, doubt, and heartache. Karen Marsh will share surprising lessons in everyday spirituality from these “saints,” who lived and breathed, and failed and followed God. Copies of her new book, Vintage Saints and Sinners, will be available for purchase and signing.
Dr. Karen Wright Marsh is Executive Director of Theological Horizons, a campus ministry at The University of Virginia.