At NPC, we believe that parents are a primary influence on their children’s spiritual growth. We want to equip parents and caregivers with tools for faith formation at home, as well as with opportunities for fellowship with other families at church.

Weekly Parent Gathering

Sundays 9:55-10:45
Jones Hall in the Education Building

Join parents of similar ages and stages for fellowship for a reflection on the Scripture teaching from the Youth and Children's Sunday school program, and to support one another in raising your children to know Jesus Christ as Lord. This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow parents and enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by meaningful conversation about the Bible lesson your kids are engaging each week.

Parent Resources

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My Whole Life is Lent (article)

This Year I'm Giving Up Guilt

Are Sports Stealing What Matters? (podcast)

This podcast episode from Empowered Homes features a conversation around the all-consuming nature of sports, and what happens when they become an idol in our lives.

Bible Project (website)

BibleProject aims to make every book of the Bible easy to understand through short animated videos.

The Collapse of Parenting (book)

This book by Leonard Sax is a should have in any new parent’s library.

How to Know When Devices are Shaping Your Family (podcast)

This podcast episode from Dad Tired Podcast features the author Felicia Wu Song discussing how our devices shape our families, communities, and spirituality.

Parenting and Love Styles Part 1 of 2 (podcast)

This podcast episode encourages you to consider how your family of origin impacts your parenting style.

Pint-Sized Spirituality (article)

This article from Christianity Today is best summarized with the quote, “God isn't saying it's our job to create a relationship between our kids and God; God isn't putting the onus on us to carry all the weight. No, God is calling us to do our part as parents—while God does his own work in our children's lives.”

Raising Healthy, Resilient Kids (article)

Focus on the Family offers several short, practical tips on how to help develop boundaries, rules, and responsibilities to raise our kids to be healthy and resilient.

Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids (book)

What makes faith “stick” beyond the high school years? This book includes practical suggestions and personal anecdotes.