Wedding & Funerals


According to scripture, Christian marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. We understand weddings to be worship services that glorify God, and that dedicate the couple’s lives to upholding this covenant.

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Weddings at National are reserved for church members. In some cases, depending on circumstances, a wedding may be held for an immediate family member of a church member. We require pre-marital counseling, and the pastor supervising the counseling reserves the right to decline to officiate based on his or her pastoral judgment.

There are fees associated with holding a wedding at National.

For more questions about weddings and pre-marital counseling at National, please email


In the Presbyterian tradition, a funeral or memorial service is called a "service of witness to the resurrection.” It is a worship service that gives thanks to God for the life of the deceased, and specifically proclaims the hope we have in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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So that we may have time, space, and full pastoral attention to devote to members of our congregation in their times of need and grief, we ordinarily do not conduct funerals or memorial services for non-members. To learn more about funeral services, please contact Wray Muoio at or call (202) 537-7540.



For our members, there is a beautiful, peaceful columbarium located on the ground floor of the main church building. A columbarium is a lovely and dignified place in which to lay a person’s ashes to rest. Funeral receptions may be held at the church. There are fees associated with holding any funeral or memorial service at the church. To learn more about Columbarium services, please contact Wray Muoio at or call (202) 537-7540.