Pastor Nominating Committee

On October 31, 2021, the members of National convened a congregational meeting and accepted the Congregational Nominating Committee's slate of nominees for the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

A special thank you to the CNC members for their devotion of time, wisdom, prayer and patience in this selection process: Laura Atchison, Lewrene Glaser, Janice Sessing, Grant Franke, Scott Herndon, and Robert Levy.

Meet Your Pastor Nominating Committee Members

PNC eblast

The CNC reviewed each candidate carefully and nominated them in light of the need to have a Pastor Nominating Committee that can represent the interests of the entire congregation in the selection of a new Senior Pastor. Please read the short bios to see the powerful faith and broad skills of the nominees.

Katherine Pippert, Co-Chair
Glenn Schmitt, Co-Chair
Joanna Manoranjan Chai
Rudy deLeon

Joy Eckert
Peggy Lewis
Joel Velasco
Herma Williams

For More Information

Keep checking back! Whenever we have new information about PNC activities and progress, we will keep you informed here.