Planned Giving

Leave a legacy through your planned giving

Thank you for considering National Presbyterian Church in your planned giving! The NPC Fund for Charitable Giving can help you make a lasting contribution to the National Presbyterian Church or another charity of your choice.

Your charitable gift can:

  • Reduce your income taxes, including capital gains taxes
  • Reduce transfer taxes, including gift and estate taxes
  • Provide higher levels of income and cash flow for yourself and others
  • Provide a lasting legacy at National as we lead people to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ

Bequests: Giving through your will or living trust

By giving to National through your will or revocable living trust, also known as a charitable bequest, you can provide for the mission and ministry of National for years to come, all while continuing to enjoy your assets during your lifetime.

Bequests are flexible—you can make changes to your estate plan—and can be funded by cash, securities, real estate, and personal property.

Beneficiaries: Equipping ministry through your banking, retirement accounts, or insurance policies

Naming the National Presbyterian Church as a beneficiary of your bank accounts, retirement accounts, or insurance plans is simple and has lasting effect. By doing so, you can ensure that the Church receives the asset without going through probate. Adding National as a beneficiary is easy and requires very little effort or paperwork.

After your lifetime, the asset will pass to National and will be deducted from your estate for federal tax purposes.

Life-Income Gifts: Providing for your future, and the future of the church

Life-Income Gifts enable you to make a gift to National Presbyterian Church and receive income during your lifetime, the life of someone you choose, or for a set number of years. You are eligible to receive an income tax charitable deduction the year you make the gift as well as other tax benefits.
After you pass away (or after you and your beneficiary pass away) or the predetermined number of years expires, your gift is transferred to National Presbyterian Church.

Assets: Giving securities, personal property, and real estate

Giving assets such as securities, personal property, and real estate is often a simple way to make a sizable gift to National Presbyterian Church while avoiding capital gain and other taxes.

You may choose to donate your assets outright, or sell the assets. It is important that the sale of any appreciated assets occur after transfer to National Presbyterian Church in order to avoid attributing the gains to you.

Donor Advised Fund: Give a gift that keeps on giving

A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable giving vehicle that allows you to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time.

The NPC Fund For Charitable Giving can assist you with setting up a donor advised fund (held in a balanced portfolio investment account), that may be distributed to National Presbyterian Church in future years. There is a minimum initial gift amount of $10,000, and a minimum of subsequent gifts of $1,000.

The information posted on this web site is not intended by National Presbyterian Church or the NPC Fund for Charitable Giving to constitute legal advice.  Before making a gift, we recommend that you consult a qualified legal or financial advisor.