Little Lights

Little Lights works with children and families in public housing complexes in the District of Columbia. In their communities, average household income is under $15,000 and the struggles of life and the feelings of disconnection from the rest of the city weigh heavily on children. Little Lights’ spaces – at their office in Eastern Market, in a church near Benning Terrace, and within the Hopkins and Potomac Gardens public housing complexes – provide a bright, safe, engaging, Christ-focused haven from the challenges of a difficult neighborhood.


Little Lights tutors and mentors supply the hope, inspiration, and encouragement to succeed in school, stay out of trouble, and shoot for a better life in the next generation. Several of Little Lights’ staff members came through the program as children and have graduated from college. Little Lights also supports families in the public housing projects with food and diapers, parenting and job training, a social enterprise, and a community of care. Little Lights has also been a leading local voice on racial justice and reconciliation.


National’s support has enabled Little Lights to expand its new ministry center near Alabama Ave. SE and multiply its mentoring program, so that more and more students can have one-on-one role models. You are welcome to join the online mentoring and tutoring programs, bring food or teach music. Please pray for a brighter future for these young neighbors.


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Little Lights
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