Know someone who would make a great leader at National?

We are seeking those whom God has prepared to lead our congregation to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ together in God’s world! 

Qualities for All Positions

  • A willing heart and a desire to serve the Lord and our congregation.
  • Active NPC member, regular attendance.
  • Commitment to spiritual growth, discernment, graciousness, and hospitable to all.
  • Exemplary life.
  • Passion to support NPC through time, talent, and treasure.

Information for All Positions

  • Terms of office are normally 3 years for elders, deacons, and board members of the NPC Fund for Charitable Giving; Congregational Nominating Committee members serve 2-year terms.
  • Elders and deacons will receive leadership training prior to, or at the beginning of, each new term.
  • Blending the special experiences and diverse gifts of all members enables each body to exercise its full range of responsibilities.

Congregational Nominating Committee Members

  • Elder David Detlor (Chair)
  • Laura Atchison
  • Annette Burgart
  • Lewrene Glaser
  • Scott Herndon
  • Robert Levy
  • Serge Nya Wandja

Responsibilities for Positions

  • Congregation elects 21 people to serve on the Session, our governing body.
  • Spiritually mature, embracing the Reformed faith, demonstrating wisdom, discernment, leadership, compassion, and graciousness.
  • Strong commitment to implementation of the 2014 Strategic Plan.
  • Oversee the spiritual life of the church, with responsibility to strengthen and nurture the faith of the congregation;
  • Oversee all fiscal, business and administrative matters necessary to the ministries of the church. (One-third of elders on the Session to possess skills and experience in finance, business, legal and property matters).
  • Congregation elects up to 45 deacons to compose the front line of compassionate caring within the NPC community.
  • Actively demonstrate caring concern for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of their fellow believers.
  • Seek to build Christian community among all members, particularly through parish ministry and fellowship events.
  • Should be spiritually mature, have a heart of compassion, and strive to engage others in offering mutual care and support.
Congregational Nominating Committee
  • Congregation elects 6 members, with 3 members elected each year for two-year terms.
  • Nominates candidates for elder, deacon, the next year’s Committee, and the board of the NPC Fund for Charitable Giving.
  • Should be spiritually mature, discerning, knowledgeable of the church’s ministries and organization, and knowledgeable about members and their gifts, all while maintaining the confidentially of the committee’s process.
NPC Fund for Charitable Giving
  • Congregation elects 7 members, and 2 members are chosen by the Session to compose the board of the Fund, a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization created in 2003 by authority of the Session.
  • The Fund’s mission is to assist church members and friends with estate and planned-giving arrangements.
  • Board should have sound judgment and diverse experience in business, finance, government, law, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Board members should be spiritually mature, and work in concert with NPC financial leadership.